Paul G Startup School

  • Build something which people want.
  • One of the recurrent themes among the many speakers was: solving problems is more important than starting a company itself. Many speakers alluded to the culture of starting a company to start a company(rather than solving a problem).
  • Drew Houstons’s talk was really poignant about working on simple things and doing the best you can do at it. He talked about the hard-work, the effort and the early days of dropbox. I felt like it brought the startup scene to a human-scale(away from all the glamor of tech crunch, social network, et. all.)
  • Any idea one would want to work full-time on, will consume about 5 years of his/her life. Paul Graham’s advice was - one should think carefully if one wants to invest 5 years of their life on that particular problem. I think it is a very simple thought but an awesome yardstick!