Code submissions tweets

If you have ever worked in a large team, you know the communication difficulties which arise from it. One of them being of course, communicating what you are working on. Usually this is accomplished with task lists, status meetings(stand up or otherwise). However, typically because of team size, other adjoining teams/groups would miss out on the larger theme.

Idea/Solution : What if we create a twitter like status engine for code submissions. Imgaine, you have a build system/repository. Every time someone submits some code, the status engine would parse the new submission log and extract the comments section and summarize and “tweet” it out!

Over the past couple of weeks, a co-worker of mine(muthu annamalai) and I created just that. The effect is very cool. Others in the adjoining team/company can follow any code-submissions from any area/teams and lookout for any code-changes they are/aren’t expecting.